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How Often Should You Paint Your House in Florida?

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One of the most common things you can do to improve your lake house’s overall look is painting it.

If you own a house in Florida, painting it also serves as one of your defenses against insects, weather, and other things that can damage your property. But the question is: how often should you paint your house in Florida?

Why Should I Paint My Florida House?

Before learning how often you have to paint your Florida house, would it be better to understand why you are doing it?

Here are some reasons why you should invest in painting your house. 

It increases your home’s value.

Selling the property at a higher rate than the original price is a win-win solution for you.

But if you could not preserve its appearance, you might find it challenging to sell it at a reasonable price.

To market your house, you need to fix the damages in both interiors and exteriors. You may also need to invest in improving the overall look of the home.

It is ideal for regular maintenance.

It is essential to maintain your house regularly. Try to find a professional house painting service that can offer you high-quality house painting services.

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It reduces remodeling costs.

If you plan on remodeling your house, you can lessen the remodeling costs if you have regularly done house painting.

Set aside a budget for house painting so you don’t need to include it in the expenses once you have decided to remodel your home.

It serves as protection against bad weather.

Sometimes, the weather conditions in Florida are unpredictable. Painting the exteriors can add protection from dust and moisture.

Remember, some natural elements can slowly damage your house’s wall over a certain period. With regular house painting, you can prevent it from happening.

So How Often Should You Paint Your House in Florida?

The answer depends on all the factors mentioned above.

But, to give you an estimate, paint jobs on wood can last up to seven years. But because of Florida’s tropical climate, it is highly recommended to repaint your home at least every three years.

On the other hand, paint on aluminum can last up to five years. The same goes with stucco exteriors. Meanwhile, paint on cement fiber and bricks can last up to 15 years.

When to Paint A House in Florida

Sometimes, you don’t have to count the number of years before you do a repainting job for your house.

There could be instances when the last house painting is poorly made, or your house’s exterior is worn out. Worry not because the following signs can tell you that it’s time to call for a house painting service:

The paint color has already faded.

No matter how bright the paint you use for the exteriors, it can lose its color due to prolonged exposure to UV radiation. Know that sunlight does not only affect the paint pigments. It can also affect the molecular structure of coatings, degrading them.

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There are mold and water stains on the surface.

Due to Florida’s tropical climate, the state is prone to mold, mildew, and water stains. These elements can affect the aesthetics of your home’s facade. If you see plenty of them on the walls, it’s’ time to call for professional help.

You can find cracking or peeling paint.

Cracking or peeling paint will continue to deteriorate when exposed to elements like moisture, water, and the sun’s heat. If most of the exterior surfaces have been damaged, consider hiring a home painting service.

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