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Best Insect Zapper Racket. A ZAP IT! Mini Bug Zapper Review

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2021)

Have you ever used an insect zapper racket? It’s really awesome, and I’ll show you why in this very post.

Why You Need an Insect Zapper Racket

You must love the central Florida weather, and to be outside. I know I do. But just like me, and everyone else around the world, you don’t love all those pesky flying insects that dive bomb you when you least expect it and follow you back into the house.

There is a product on the market I found a while ago that is both effective and fun at eliminating flying pests. It allows you to stay fresh smelling and bite-free.

That product is, as I already mentioned, the “Zap It! Mini bug Zapper. I took the time to write a few paragraphs to tell you everything you need to know about it so you can make a very well informed purchase.

Zap It! Mini Bug Zapper Product Review

Zap It! Mini Bug Zapper


Woo hoo! This zapper is so much fun; it makes you hope the mosquitos come out in force! 

With the inspired design of a mini tennis racket, this handy zapper is the cat’s meow for eliminating the nuisance that is a mosquito. 

Just think, you could improve your backhand volley and strengthen your forehand groundstroke!  Roger Federer will need to move over in the record books once you perfected your backhand smash.

Diabolically, the racket zapper has a blue light on the wand that is like a siren song to those pesky bugs. 

They fly in thinking something good awaits, and instead, it is their swan song. You can zap those flying annoyances with precision and ease! 

Best Insect Zapper Racket. A ZAP IT! Mini Bug Zapper Review

Just swing the racket through the air, and the bug is toast when they hit a powerful 4,000-volt grid. 

There is a satisfying zapping sound as the bug is sent to the great beyond, so you know that you got it.  

Besides the blue light for the bugs, there is a built-in LED light for you, should you need to use the racket at night. You will be able to zap this nuisance eliminator an incredible 10,000 times before it needs recharging. 

No switching out batteries is required! Just plug into any USB device to charge the battery, and you will be good to go on the hunt. It even comes with the charging cord. 

A great way to take care of flying bugs in the house, the Zap It! takes bugs out of the game in mid-air. No more smashing carcasses against walls or ceilings and have the evidence to clean up. No more splatters on the kitchen counters. 

This is the fun and easy way to rid your house of those unwanted and unwelcomed flying pests!

Lightweight, at just a bit over 12 ounces, the mini is 16.73 X 7.72 X 1.42 inches. Just the right size! Zap It! must dislike bugs as much as you do, because they offer a lifetime replacement guarantee on their racket. 

Best Insect Zapper Racket. A ZAP IT! Mini Bug Zapper Review

They Really Bug You

It is incredible that something so small can be so very annoying. Flies and mosquitos can make your life miserable. One of the reasons that a fly, in particular, can escape the traditional dreaded fly swatter is that they perceive time differently than you do. 

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To the insect, they see the movement of the swatter in slow motion. While you might think that you were quick on the draw, the insect can perceive that movement up to four times faster than you can. 

They Have The Upper Hand

So he has already started a hasty retreat while you are still mid-swing. Yep, a lowly fly has the upper hand (or wing) as time passes more slowly for flies, study finds

Your brain sees the world, much like a movie. Individual images are sent from the eye at a fixed rate per second. These are distinctive flashes that the brain pieces together. The rate that this occurs is called “flicker-fusion frequency.” 

In general, the smaller the animal, the quicker the vision. As a human, you see about 60 flashes per second. 

Sounds impressive until you learn that a fly sees flashes at about 250 per second. 

Since the object with a traditional fly swatter is to smash the pest against another surface, their ability to see quicker and move faster than you prevails. 

The advantage of a racket zapper is that it only needs to come into contact with the little beast, not flatten them out. 

That is why most people have greater success ridding their homes of these pests with an electric bug racket instead of a traditional fly swatter.

Best Insect Zapper Racket. A ZAP IT! Mini Bug Zapper Review

How Does A Bug Zapper Work? 

To understand just what happens when a pesky flying insect meets the business end of a bug zapper, we turned to How Stuff Works to get the skinny on How Bug Zappers Work

A bug zapper is a relatively simple device. A housing, which can be of varying shapes, contains wire grids or screens. 

Those screens are electrified with at least 2,000 volts. Bug zappers have a light to lure insects to the screen where they are electrocuted when they fly into the screen. 

It is hard to believe that the very first bug zapper was patented way back in 1934! Those flying nuisances have been bugging us for a long time.  

How To Use A Electric Insect Zapper Racket

With a traditional fly swatter, you need to hit the pest and inflict injury. 

Most fly swatters have some give to them, and if you have used one, you are probably used to smashing the offender against another object (wall, door, etc.) to end its pesky little life.

With an electric insect zapper, the racket is rigid, not flexible. The idea is to catch the bug in mid-flight and let the electric mesh do the rest. 

So know that if you hit this racket against a hard object, it will crack it. 

If you see an offender on the counter, wall, or ceiling, all you have to do is place the racket zapper over them. When they go flying, they will move into the electric mesh and fly no more. 

Know too, that an electric bug zapper racket gets hot. The bugs are making an electrical connection when they get zapped, and that is because they are landing on the metallic mesh. 

That metal gets hot. If you have had a high success rate of zapping flying pests and need a soda to renew your strength, be careful of where you set your lethal weapon down. 

Don’t place it on a flammable surface. Fortunately, shag carpet is out of style but don’t set your racket down on the carpet or the sofa or anything else you would like to keep nice.

Why Are They All In My Yard? 

The estimated number (how they did this I will never know) of individual insects that are hopping, crawling, or flying around our planet at any given moment is ten quintillion, give or take a few. 

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That is the number 10 with 18 zeros behind it. Like this: 10,000,000,000,000,000,000.

That is a lot. And I know that sometimes you feel that they are all at your house. 

Back in 1934, two friends, covered in bug bites, turned in a patent for the first bug zapper. 

Although there have been improvements in certain areas, the bug zapper’s basic design has remained the same that Folmer and Chapin came up with while on their way to the drugstore for more anti-itch cream. 

Take the Insect Zapping In Your Own Hands

Flying insects have been pests for a long time, and humankind has been tormented by them just as long. 

The real reason they put a man on the moon is that there were no mosquitos there. Fortunately for you, you can buy an electric insect zapper and take control of your house. 

The outside world has tried biological pest control, mechanical pest control, physical pest control, poisoned bait, field burning (can anyone say desperation?) trap cropping, and pesticides. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Habitat manipulation, modification of cultural practices, and the use of resistant varieties have also been methods employed. 

You know you are getting into trouble when you need a degree to understand the solutions. This is why, in your little corner of the world, you can buy a handy dandy zapper racket and swing your way to sanity. 

What To Look For In A Zapper Racket

To Mesh Or Not To Mesh…With The Bugs

Once you have decided to join the fun and improve your backhand at the same time, what should you look for in an electric zapper racket? 

First off, bug zapper rackets come with unprotected or protected layers of mesh. The advantage of an unprotected racket is that the insect comes in direct contact with the electric wires immediately. 

So there is no doubt of the outcome. Yet, at the same time, unprotected rackets have more space between the electric wires so that some insects can fly right through. Not good.

 A protected racket has a layer of mesh on either side of the inner layer of electric wires. The mesh is a little protection for you, and it stops those pesky varmints from passing through.

Size Of The Racket

The zapper itself will come in various lengths and racket head sizes, like small, medium, and large. 

If you prefer to take a wide swing, a longer racket might be best for you. 

A larger racket will be a bit heavier (remember there is a battery in the handle), and it might be challenging to swing quickly or get tiring after a short time of getting even. 


Some rackets will use an alkaline battery that you replace periodically and others will have a rechargeable battery that uses a USB adaptor. 

It takes longer to recharge a zapper using a USB than it does to replace batteries, but it also means you have to have purchased batteries and have them on hand. 

The Zap It! Gives you up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge so you can do your part in paring down the ten quintillion insects in the world.


Effective rackets will run from 2,000 to 4,000 volts. Anything under that will be annoying to all concerned. 

The size of the screen does not reflect the voltage. A larger racket will not necessarily have more voltage than a smaller one.


The smaller rackets will have a smaller price tag of about $10 to $15. They will also have a smaller mesh surface and will probably use alkaline batteries, which adds to the cost over time.

Rackets between $15 and $35 will have a higher voltage, larger mesh surface, rechargeable batteries and be more durable.


You are going to be successful at swatting lots of these pests from the air, so how do you remove the evidence afterward? 

A clean product works best, so before cleaning remove the battery. 

When you are outdoors, lightly tap the racket against your hand to dislodge bigger bits. 

You can use a cotton swab to poke out other debris from the mesh or use a dry paper towel to wipe it down.

Just So You Know

People get hurt in weird ways. Some of them get hurt in ways that you would not think possible. 

This article tells the tale of an injury that defies the odds: Electric fly swatter: potentially harmful not only for insects? 

There was a 31-year-old lady in Greece who was using an electric fly-swatter to kill mosquitos. 

Unfortunately, this gal had been bothered by these nuisances in her house and had several bites on her legs that were itchy. 

She applied rubbing alcohol to get rid of the itch. 

Sadly, she also used the electric fly swatter less than a foot away from herself, and the flame produced by an insect being incinerated ignited the alcohol on her legs, and she went up in flames. 

We are VERY delighted to report that she suffered some burns on her legs, but not bad ones. 

She sought treatment and recovered nicely. But who would have thought? 

It just goes to show you that you have to be careful with whatever you are using to eliminate pesky bugs. You don’t want them to have the last laugh. 

In Conclusion

You want to live your life in peace and harmony. Bothering no one and no one bothering you. 

But you need to draw the line when you are continually bombarded by flying pests that make life miserable.

An electric insect zapper racket will clear the air and make life peaceful again, and give you a great backhand at the same time!


How Does A Zapper Racket Work? 

The racket has a metal mesh that is charged by a battery in the handle when you press a button. 
When a bug touches the mesh, it completes the electrical circuit.
The electrical charge zaps them, and they get vaporized. That is why you hear a loud “zap” sound when one bites the dust.

Are Racket Type Bug Zappers Safe?

For the most part, yes, they are. As with anything, humans seem to be able to find a way to get hurt in the most bizarre ways. If you read the instructions and follow them, an electric bug zapper is not harmful.

Can Kids Use A Zapper Racket?

If there is a way to get hurt with a cotton ball, a kid will find it. Remember that this is an electrical device. The shock to a human will be mild, but the metallic mesh in the racket itself will get hot.
Kids are curious and want to know how things work. They will do things that you had never thought possible.
So if you choose to allow your child to use an electric bug zapper, supervise them AT ALL TIMES

Do Bug Zappers Attract Mosquitoes?

I wish that they would, but bug zappers (the type that hangs) use ultraviolet light to attract bugs to zap. Mosquitoes, the clever little things, are not at all attracted to ultraviolet light and would simply pass a zapper by.

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